Viking Honey - 48 oz Viking Vessel

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An alternative medicine and antioxidant powerhouse, exotic and rare because of Viking beekeeper standards of excellence and the absence of monocultures.  The antithesis of common monocultural/monofloral commercial hyped honey especially Manuka, Raw Viking Honey comes from many different nectar sources including Privet, Chinese tallow tree, White Dutch clover and Nyssa sylvatica, Blackgum also known as Tupelo or Sourgum, to name just four.  The rich combination of these nectar sources renders a complex deep rich flavor.  Raw Viking Honey is Unadulterated Unfiltered Unpasteurized Pollinated Pure Raw Honey bottled in wax sealed signature glass vessels.  If you have the spirit of a Viking, try Raw Viking Honey and taste the difference.  Accept our Manuka challenge that Raw Viking Honey is better, taste-wise and health-wise to Manuka Honey or any other honey in the world.