How do you keep honey from turning to sugar?

Temperature.  Below 70 degrees and it starts crystallizing.  Extreme heat, i.e., anything above 110 degrees is what you want to avoid because extreme heat damages and destroys the essential nutrition in honey (removes the vitamins and nutrients naturally found in honey).  As with raw milk, heat destroys the ‘good stuff.’

If your honey crystallizes, turns to sugar, fill a pot with water and place on your stove and bring the water to about 110 degrees and then place your honey jar in the pot of water and let it sit.  Repeat until your honey re-liquefies.  Don’t microwave.

Alternatively, simply spoon out your crystallized honey onto/into your tea, coffee, peanut butter sandwich, etc.  It’s actually sold as crystallized honey too.

"If you’re unfamiliar with the molecular makeup of honey, then you may think crystallized honey is honey gone bad. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Crystallization is honey’s natural way of preserving itself.  Despite its liquid appearance, honey has a low moisture content that deters bacteria and yeast."