'Why is your honey so expensive?'

I am often asked, 'Why is your honey so expensive?'  This is a profound question that merits lots of reflection, study and analysis.  (I'll continue to update this page as I conduct my own research.)

My responses:

Why is your honey so cheap?

Did you know America is flooded with foreign honey?

Why is America flooded with foreign honey?

My economic theory is that the American market, the American economy is monopolized by cheap foreign products including honey.  But do you really need to have a PhD in economics to figure this out?  If honey were scarce and hard to come by, how do you think that would impact the price of honey?

Additionally, given you do not know what you are buying, the person selling you honey can lie and often does.

Have you ever been stung by a honeybee?

Have you ever lifted a honey super in the summer?

Which do you think is easier to do, sell honey or be a beekeeper?

What is your impression of the quality of the products being offered at grocery stores and Walmart today in America?  What about the general appearance of most Americans today?  Healthy or unhealthy?

To be continued . . .

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